Is Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm the Best Primer for Dry Skin? TESTED!

Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Can Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm be used as a primer alternative!?

If you’re a makeup fan who is religiously following the latest makeup trends on social media, you must have heard about Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm being the best alternate to primers in the market. The trend of using it as a primer instead of an actual primer was started by a Youtuber/ beauty Guru, NikkiTutorials where she used and raved about Nivea Men Post-Shave Balm as a primer. She’s been using it continuously in her tutorials and many followed her footsteps. It is said to work exactly as a primer. It helps your makeup stays all day long looking fresh and flawless. The best thing about it, according to her, is that it is much less expensive than a regular primer. You get much more product for less money while it basically does the same job as a regular, expensive primer. Sounds like a great bargain! However, having dry skin is normally tricky to deal with. So, is using such an unusual product as makeup primer for dry skin going to be equally amazing? We’ve tested it as a facial primer for dry skin to find out if it’s going to be the best primer for dry skin. The results are mind blowing!