5 Best Primers for Dry Skin Tested!

To use or not to use

There has been a long debate about whether your skin needs primer before applying make-up or not. Many people still DON’T use primers before applying their make-up and are missing a lot!
Primers have been proven to smooth out the skin surface from any texture, fill in pores, and help make up last all day long. But for dry skin primers are a whole other story. Finding the right type of primers that do work for your dry skin can be a life saver! It will not only help your make-up last longer, but will also help make up to go flawlessly on your skin. Matters like foundation and powder clinging on to your skin won’t bother you anymore. Unfortunately, most primers are on the more expensive side. So, trying each one out till you find the right match for you would cost you a lot of money.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Using primer before make-up is important

Finding the best primer for dry skin can be such a chore. Thus, we have tested and come up with a list of five best primers for dry skin. They are mostly cream consistence that moisturizes and nourish your skin before applying make-up. Most of them are high-end make up brands that are relatively pricey. But if you think about it, it is a good investment. You pay a large amount of money in a product you KNOW is good, you only use a little and it lasts for a long time. The list follows this.