8 Best Primer Tricks for Dry Skin

  1. Apply only to problem areas

Following the “less is more” concept, you may only need to apply primer to your problematic areas. Focus on applying your favorite primer for dry skin on areas where it needs hydration the most and where it is more likely going to flake. Apply it to areas where it has the most texture and fine lines such as your forehead to smooth it out prior to makeup application for a gliding, smooth foundation application.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Only apply primer to your problematic areas
  1. Use for dry under eyes and dry lips

Hydrating primers are not only meant for your face. You can use them on your dry under eye area to prevent your concealer from clinging to your dry patches and creasing. You can also apply it to your lips to fill in the fine lines, smooth your lips, help lipstick last longer and look more vibrant. So, next time, before you reach out for a primer to use on your under eye area or lips, use the one you already have for your face.