8 Best Primer Tricks for Dry Skin

  1. Mix with your moisturizer

The best thing about primers is that they can be used on their own. If you were looking for a more natural glowy hydrated everyday look, mix a drop of your best primer for dry skin with your moisturizer and apply to a clean face. It will hydrate your skin and leave it glowing and smooth throughout the day without actually applying makeup.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Mix with your moisturizer for a glowing and smooth look
  1. Let it settle into your skin

You will want to make sure you give your primer at least 60 seconds to settle into your skin. Applying foundation right away and rubbing the unsettled primer may cause the foundation to move around and look patchy. Find something else to do in your makeup before applying foundation such as your brows or preparing products you’re going to use and let the primer settle into your skin.