More choices for Best Primer for Dry Skin

What does a primer do?

Makeup primers are crucial at controlling the oils, filling fine lines, color correcting, and making the skin flawless.

As we all know there are different types of skin, so every skin type has different needs. Our primary concern, in this case, is dry skin. Why? Because it is a common problem around the globe especially in countries where it is very cold. Also because dry or dehydrated skin can cause more damage, especially early aging. And we all don’t want that.

Evidently, for your dry skin, will need to moisturize before priming. Even some think that a moisturizer is the same as a primer. But for makeup, there is a difference.  That doesn’t mean you should skip one or the other. Both steps are very important to have flawless skin. If you keep your skin moisturized every day, you will need less effort to achieve your goal. The right primer can also enhance the effects of your moisturizer.

A couple of moisturizers that we recommend:

a) Clarins HydraQuench Cream

b) The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

So if you have found yourself in all said above, your next step is to find the best primer for dry skin. It will secure your makeup, even the skin care products you’ve applied before. Your skin will look healthy, radiant and flawless.