More choices for Best Primer for Dry Skin

Tinted Primers

When it comes to choosing the right primer for your dry skin, ingredients are something that you should be very careful.  Most primers that works best for dry skin is good to contain oils like argan, coconut or some seed extract, green tea extract that are gentle for the skin.

Primers can also be with or without color. What does that means? That means that some primers have slight tint of skin color that gives your face extra radiance and glow. Also, primers can be green (to mask redness), pink (gives luminosity), yellow (cover blue-purple eye bags) and peach color (cover dark circles and spots). You can combine some of the colors to achieve best look and that will be your best primer for dry skin.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
You can get primers in different colors!

Some of the primers contain silicone, which is dilemma if it is good or not because it is bad for the environment, but it can smooth fine lines and pores. So that is matter of choice. Sometimes we can have very dry skin but oily T-zone, which will make us to use two different primers.  One that will hydrate our skin and one for our oily parts of the face that will keep the oils in place.

With so many products on the market, we should choose carefully what primer is the best to buy. Even for every person, same primer works in different ways we are more than happy to recommend best primer for dry skin. We previously listed 5 primers that we tested.

Depend on the budget we recommend some affordable and some more pricier primers for dry skin.

Our first choice is: