DIY Primer for Dry Skin

Easy, affordable, tested DIY best primer for dry skin

Having dry skin can be very tricky when applying make-up. Make-up clings to the dry patches on your face peels and looks patchy. It is even trickier especially in winter when your skin is so dry that you cannot tell the difference between it and a one-week-old bagel. Whether it is a natural everyday makeup look or a special event Glam Shabam, primer is your best friend.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Make sure to keep your dry skin moisturized

What is a primer?

A primer is a base for your base! Yes! It is used prior to applying make-up to allow a smooth gliding application of foundation. It fills in pores, softens your fine lines and leaves your face baby-skin smooth and ready for the next step. Primers come in different formulas starting from gel, powder to creams. Although there have been mixed reviews about primers in the make-up scene. Makeup artists rave about them everywhere! While moisturizers moisturize your skin, primers actually prepare your skin for more makeup layers. You can use a brush or a beauty sponge to apply primers, but it has been proven that your fingertips are the best tool to apply primers as it helps with blood circulation to prep your skin for makeup.
The best thing about primers is that they can be used alone to achieve a more natural everyday makeup look. If you were running late or not in the mood for multiple layers of make-up, you can literally slap primer on your face, mascara on your lashes and a lip balm and you’re done!