How to pick the best primer for dry skin

  1. Understand what each type is for

Most primers are made for oily skin to help control the shine and tame those enlarged pores. So, using this for dry skin may emphasize the dry patches and fine lines. It can dry out your skin even more. Based on the following, you can decide which type may work the best for your skin:

  • Mattifying primer: Helps control shine and excessive oil production.
  • Hydrating primers: Hydrates and primes your skin at the same time
  • Tinted primers: Has different tints to color correct and even your skin tone.
  • Luminous primer: Gives your skin the healthy glow it lacks allowing it to glow from within.
  • Silicone based primer: Creates a smooth outer layer that sits on the skin for an extra smooth make-up application, Ideal for makeup lasting all day any may clog pores.
  • Water based primer: sinks into the skin to fill in any imperfections, will wear off faster than silicone based ones and is gentler on the pores.
Best Primer for Dry Skin
There are many types of primer out there!