How to pick the best primer for dry skin

  1. Don’t just swatch it

When you decide which type of the previous list is the best for you, drop by the nearest cosmetics’ store and try it out. However, swatching the product only on your hand may not be the best idea as your facial skin’s needs may differ from the ones of your hands. It also doesn’t make any sense since primers are mostly clear/white gels, swatching it on your hand won’t really help you make up your mind about it. Take the risk and try it on a small area on your face and see how it’s going to react to it. If this small area didn’t show any major reactions within 24 hours, you’re good to go! You may also let it set on your face for 3-5 minutes, then apply a drop of your favorite foundation on top of it. Test it after 8 hours and see how long your foundation has lasted.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Make sure to swatch your tests on your face also
  1. Ask for sample sizes

If testing the primer is not an option, some major stores will sell/ give sample sizes if you ask for one. This way, you get to test the product at home for several days for better judgment. Use the sample for at least a week as you compare your makeup’s wear prolong and your skin reaction to the product. To be fully able to compare and contrast, take “before and after” photos.

  1. Invest your money

If finding the best primer for dry skin means spending some extra cash, don’t feel guilty. Invest your money in a good primer instead of spending more money on a large number of “not so good” primers. You only need a pea-size amount of primer every time you use it and the tube will last you a long time. Sounds like a good deal to me!!