How to prep dry skin for primer

Prepping your dry skin

A number of make-up users think that only finding and using the best primer for dry skin will ensure them the smoothest application and the most flawless, long lasting make-up look. This isn’t the case! Even the best primer for dry skin that can be found cannot function well on dry skin if it wasn’t properly prepped prior to make-up application.

Despite raving about a number of the best primers for dry skin, we strongly believe that the most successful make-up looks depend on good, deep and nourishing skin prep. This doesn’t apply only to women above 25 years old. Taking care of your skin should start from a very early age.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Follow the below steps to prepare your dry skin for primer!

Taking care of your skin is a life investment. By “investment” we do not mean to spend thousands of dollars on skin care products, we mean to invest your time. Most of us think about the time when we finally lay down in bed after a long school/work day. But investing ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes at night for skin care routine can make a head turning, noticeable difference within weeks. It will allow your skin to have a healthy glow whether you decided to go make-up free one day or for a full glam make-up look. It will also allow your best primer to function well and do what it is supposed to do to your skin. It will smooth out your texture, fill in your pores (if you have enlarged pores) and help your make-up last all day without the need to touch up later.

The following are steps you should follow to prep your dry skin before applying your primer.