How to prep dry skin for primer

  1. Cleanse

Cleansing the skin is the most important step before applying primer. It removes dead skin cells, gets rid of facial oils that have been accumulating on your face, cleans any dirt, and removes any fibers your face caught off of your pillow/blanket/ towel the day before. You may use your favorite facial cleanser; however, we do not recommend the foaming types of cleansers for dry skin as it may strip out your skin of its moisture. It is also preferable to use a facial brush like “BRAUN FACE Cleansing Brush” or “Clarisonic“. You can even use a manual, more affordable facial brush like “The Body Shop facial brush“. They not only help you get rid of dead skin cells and smooth out your complexion, they also help with blood circulation in your skin allowing more blood to flow and more facial glow. (See how they work)

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Its important to cleanse your dry skin