Prime your Dry Skin


After you find your best moisturizer, your skin will be grateful for being taken care of. That will be the best base for your makeup.

So our next question is:   Do you moisturize your skin every day? If your answer is NO, you must start today. There are a  lot of benefits if you moisturizing daily, your skin will look younger, softer, more elastic, and most important it will keep your skin hydrated. Your skin will look radiant and glowing.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Moisturize your dry skin everyday to keep it hydrated

All of that said concludes that first and the best primer for dry skin will be your daily routine.

Some of us don’t use primers for dry skin, just moisturizer. That is not wrong, but if you want your makeup to last longer we advise not to skip any steps, meaning, primer for dry skin before your foundation is a must. Even skin care routine is the most important step like we said, makeup can change your whole look.

One of our tips is that you should apply your moisturizer about 30 minutes before your makeup primer for dry skin. You should let it work its magic for your skin.  It will help for smoother look and the best results. If you put too many products at once your makeup will look cakey and you will get opposite effect.