Tested DIY Hydrating Primer Water Recipe

What is Primer Water?

If you are a good make-up scene follower, you must have realized, by now, that every day there is a new trend. Starting from slaying a contoured/ highlighted face, rocking metallic lips, dazzling eyes with glitter, applying Instagram brows to using primers. Specifically speaking, primers have been out there for quite a long time, however, they have been heavily used and raved about only recently. Make-up lines started coming up with different types of the best primers to suit every skin type. They even started to come up with specific primers for specific skin problems. Make-up users, experts, and Gurus started finding new tricks to make even the best facial primers extra beneficial.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Keep your skin hydrated and ready for makeup with your own DIY Water primer

Following the primer frenzy, some make-up lines came up with not a cream/gel primer, but a water/ mist primer! This revolutionary idea has fascinated most make-up users. It comes in a super easy-to- apply formula. You only spray it on your face, let it set and you are ready to apply make-up. It smooths out your textured skin, helps minimize your pores and is the best to hydrate your dry skin. It also controls oil production so that your make-up lasts longer without the need to touch it up throughout the day.