Tested DIY Hydrating Primer Water Recipe

Witch Hazel, which is the first key ingredient, is an amazing product. It contains tannins which help reduce swelling and tightens skin. It also acts as a preserving agent as it is anti-bacterial. It is very affordable and easy to get online. It is preferable that you pick an alcohol free one. Alcohol is the worst thing you can put on your dry skin. It is very harsh and it dries out your skin.

The second key ingredient is glycerin. It is the best for dry skin. It smooths out dry skin and helps with texture to create a smooth surface for gliding make-up application. It also keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day. As a matter of fact, Smashbox uses Butylene glycol which is extremely similar to glycerin. However, we chose glycerin because it’s much more accessible and affordable. You can easily order it online.


Distilled water is the ingredient that’s going to be the carrier to other ingredients and make it a very close dupe to The Smashbox primer. The reason why you CANNOT use tap water is that it’s full of bacteria. Distilled water is stripped out of all bacteria and contaminants which will help the product last long.

For the purpose of smelling nice, you may add a couple drops of any essential oil of your liking. Some people add essential oils that help with specific skin problems. For example, we have personally added a couple drops of tea tree essential oil to help cure our impurities. This step, however, is totally optional.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
Use a few drops of vitamin E for extra hydration

In order to make this DIY priming water the best primer for dry skin, we recommend adding a few drops of vitamin E for extra hydration. If you can’t get your hands on Vitamin E, you may add one extra tablespoon of Glycerin.