The Best Eye Primers for Dry Skin

Eyelid primers

The reason why we recommend using an eyelid primer for dry skin is to even out skin tone and hide any visible veins so that your eyeshadow becomes easy to blend and more vibrant. It will also hydrate your dry eyelid and get rid of dry patches that your makeup clings too to avoid patchiness.

How to use it

The best way to apply dry eyelid primers is to gently pat it with your fingertips. Let it set for a couple of seconds and set it with your favorite powder. You can totally skip the powder step but we find that using it is the best to increases the bendability of the eyeshadows you use later by creating a smooth surface to work on.

  1. Lorac behind the Scenes Eye Primer (around $21)

It is by far the best hydrating eyelid primer for dry skin anyone can use. It hydrates the dry eyelids and helps with flakiness. It is not greasy at all and eyeshadow clings to it. It makes any eyeshadow very vibrant. Your eye makeup will not move anywhere during the day and it will look as fresh as if you’ve just applied it.
Sample/travel sizes are available in stores if you’d like to try it first. You only need a tiny drop for each eye and the tube will last long which will make it such a great investment.

Best Primer for Dry Skin
One of the best Primers for Dry Eye Skin!
  1. Urban Decay Anti-aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion (around $30)
Best Primer for Dry Skin
Another great eyelid primer for you to use

Another great eyelid primer that does not only help eyeshadow last longer and look more vibrant. It also has anti-aging properties that does wonders to mature skin. It helps firm sagging eyelids and is super hydrating. It fills in fine lines to create a smooth surface for makeup to glide on. The packaging is very handy. It comes with an applicator similar to lip glosses which we like the most to control the amount we use.

Any of the above products can be purchased by click on their names or pictures!